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A small beginning, perhaps a monkeysized one by monkeysized
February 10, 2010, 19:22
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I  am Mr Monkeysized. Given my fervent belief that much of humanity has forgotten where it comes from, forgotten what it means to remember this when we do things and actually be monkeysized, then I suppose the first post could have been on a grandiose scale. It isn’t. Millions of years of evolution from shellfish to self satisfied uber apes is best reflected in recognising the little things first.

It’s not even on a brilliant example of monkeysizing, or unmonkeysizing. It’s just an everyday idiocy that fits in with what I’m talking about on this blog.

In the morning I hold my nose (as I do with most news outlets) and read the Guardian, online. One reason is the Quick Crossword. A little way to test whether my brain is running on 4 star or whether the sparkplugs aren’t firing correctly. Today they changed it to make things more ‘intuitive’. Bollocks.  People can’t print, people can’t see the clues alongside the grid, people hate it – and are making their points known on the comments. I’m copying the link here. I’d copy a link to one of the old ones but the silly buggers seem to have taken them out and shot them too.

This is a small example of what I mean by monkeysized. Think of the people behind what you’re doing, and behind them think of the fact that we’re just overdeveloped apes. On this basis you can understand the stupidity of ‘progress’, but you can also see that those behind it need to get a little bit more monkeysized in their thinking.

In the future I hope for a more grandiose sweep, I hope to be insightful and pithy, to have something genuinely remarkable to say. That, however, is a level of ambition that I will leave to the future. First I need to feel my way, clamber through the foothills, and understand what I’m doing here a little better. A little like being a human that recognises the history, the humanity, the biology that led up to being here now.

Until next time,

Mr Monkeysized.


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