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A journalist’s love for The Onion by monkeysized
March 5, 2010, 22:22
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As a journalist, I sometimes wonder why other news sources can’t manage to cut to the quick like The Onion. This article has more relevance to my life than the front page of BBC News – currently the source of much outrage about cuts (presumably about those hardy hacks who post links to YouTube) – please guys, have some respect…

WATERBURY, CT—While skimming an article about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, local roofer Ernest Wilkinson, 46, told reporters Thursday that he could not even begin to comprehend what the American-born football player and his wife, Brazilian-born lingerie model Gisele Bundchen, talk about with each other. “What do they say? ‘Hi, honey, you look great.’ ‘Yeah, so do you, honey.’ I mean, how many times can you have that conversation?” asked Wilkinson, who listed several things the two didn’t have in common, including jobs, culture, background, and “taste in movies, probably.” “I bet after they have sex they talk about how good it was, and that’s all. How long could a conversation like that really last?” Upon further consideration, Wilkinson acknowledged that maybe wealthy, famous, attractive couples like Bundchen and Brady really don’t need to talk about anything.

And from the BBC, from their front page, ‘TV weather blooper’. Jesus wept.


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