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Honesty and dishonesty in politics and public life… by monkeysized
April 17, 2010, 21:05
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So we’re past the first public debate and on towards the second, third, and Big Day. What have we learned?

Forget about the politicians, what have we learned about the electorate?

I’m sick of voters going on about how they want a decent and honest debate about the economic apocalypse on the horizon. Cameron tried that, and his poll figures went tits up. The conservatives, licking their wounds after losing a double figure poll lead – and the others – learned the lesson in obfuscating to the public. Yes Economic Apocalypse needs saying, but no the public can’t cope – how very monkeysized of them.

After all, as the saintly Tim Harford keeps pointing out, the parties have learned that they need to either ignore the subject or talk in un-monkeysized numbers, like billions, that will go through the brains of the super-sized chimps that we are as the electorate.

Moral hazard feeds into this – perhaps our economic system, and political system, means that our modern society is now so insulated from the impacts of our choices, that the basic choice architecture within which we make those economic and political decisions needs to be revamped.

It looks like a severe case of needing monkeysizing.

REPEAT AFTER ME: I am an ape, albeit a super-developed one. By chance I was born into a society far beyond what my meagre reasoning capacity allowed me to comprehend, particularly thanks to the last 10 000 years of spectacular societal growth. As a result I have lost the connection between my actions and the results – whether to me, or to abstract others such as others in my societies or the ‘global needy’. But recognising this disconnection is the first step towards righting the wrongs of being non-monkeysized. I will try harder to monkeysize my life. Amen.


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