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Monkeysized weather, and why being caught without a brolly is a good thing by monkeysized
June 10, 2010, 19:17
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I’ve never been a particular fan of Victoria Coren – I was at university with her and was dimly aware that she was one of those annoying people who knew what she wanted and then went and did it, with little more than a famous name and talent. Annoying stuff.

She even proved that poker can be a game for sticking with it, playing quite well and hoping one’s luck changes. When she used to take part in Channel Four’s poker games I can’t say I ever thought her insightful. But now, blow me, she’s won some stack of money somewhere and that can’t be faulted. And some of her Guardian columns show that she’s really rather decent these days.

So what do I think now? Well I spotted a quote from her that makes me rather favourable towards the old girl. It’s either very monkeysized, very English, or both. And the latter isn’t such a bad place to be, is it?

I like the fact that the weather forecast is always wrong. In a world of BlackBerry insta-connection, Google research and Hadron Colliders, it is a daily reminder of the ultimate ignorance of man. It is a signpost towards all the enormous things we cannot understand. This is healthy. It’s humbling. We watch the news, up-to-the-minute developments beamed right into our living rooms, and we take for granted that we see digital images of everything that’s happening in Korea RIGHT THIS SECOND. Aren’t we the cat’s pyjamas? Then the weather comes on and a man in an odd jumper tells you that it’s going to rain when it probably isn’t. This is good for us.

The original piece was in the Observer. And reading it again, the mention that this pain is actually rather healthy makes me certain that it is at least 60% English, 40% monkeysized.


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