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Goats, donkeys and cows by monkeysized
July 13, 2010, 14:36
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The world is a complicated place for us humans, partly because we were born into it after several thousand generations had spent their time adding their coat of varnish onto layers of civilisation. The world we’re left with is thus a confusing and baffling place, where Eskimos/Innuits are given credit for a fabled ability to categorise their remarkable environment with 27 names for types of snow, and 12 year olds are called idiots for finding 27 ways to humiliate the ginger child with large spectacles at the front of their maths class.

Thank goodness, then, for the Rules of Thumb website, which offers a daily guide through some of life’s twists and turns. Estimating the calories in a slice of cake; working out how much the earth heats up the further you travel into the crust; recognising which colours make you look fatter and thinner:  they’re all there. And then today, the best of the lot from the ever admirable PJ O’Rourke:

Slow down for donkeys, speed up for goats, and stop for cows. Donkeys will get out of your way, it’s almost impossible to hit a goat, and it’s almost impossible to avoid hitting a cow.

Suddenly the world is an easier place to deal with, at least for this over-evolved ape.


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