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That feminism should come to this… by monkeysized
August 11, 2010, 17:00
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I’ve just been somewhere rather interesting, of which more later.

But first, the reason why I was there: it was my honeymoon. In effect, in the past I was only Master Monkeysized, and Mrs Monkeysized wasn’t Mrs at all – in fact she was in effect Miss C.elegans.

And now I am married I am in effect Mr C.elegans-Monkeysized. This was something that the now Mrs C.elegans-Monkeysized insisted upon, and to be frank it wasn’t worth my while putting up stern resistance, what with all the other arm-wrestling we have to do over the next few decades.

What concerns me, however, is what this means for feminism.

In the past feminism stood for chaining oneself to prime ministers and mishaps at the race course, all in the cause of rectifying the structural wrongs of society, at least for female bookish sorts from the right backgrounds. This, from a current perspective, seems self-evidently right. But progress never sleeps, and now the big issue for any lady who willingly gives herself up for that great male-dominated game of marriage is what she’s going to be called afterwards.

Mrs Monkeysized? But that would be to submit to domination by men. Ms C.elegans? A bit 1970s. Mrs C.elegans-Monkeysized? More like it.

So there you have it: feminism has been turned into something whimsically trivial – or only seemingly trivial. It’s not. It’s a very Monkeysized response to a very tricky world. Or should that be C.elegans-Monkeysized?


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