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Billy you’re so far away from home by monkeysized
August 28, 2010, 21:23
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Mrs Monkeysized is away, so I’ve been sat watching a favourite film with a favourite bottle of wine. The film is the majesterial ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’.

Majesterial? A western? Well yes. It’s a meditation on when progress overtakes individuals – in this case the ranching system overtaking the frontier law in New Mexico.

BtK: “How does it feel?”

PG: “It feels like times have changed.”

BtK: “Times maybe – but not me.”

Men grow moustaches, wear underwear for weeks without taking them off, and life is cheap. Whores are octoroons, although there are other types. An astonishing amount of whiskey is drunk, bringing to mind an excellent podcast from Dan Carlin about how many figures in history were drunk when they embarked upon being historic.

I cried when Slim Pickens’ character is fatally wounded and goes to die by the edge of some water, eyes fixed on the confused face of the woman he loves, all to the strains of Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’. As I said, it’s a top film.

And then Paco dies. He’ll build a house with a veranda. On the veranda he’ll have three chairs.

“And I’ll sit on the middle one. Anyone who doesn’t do right according to nature, and my mother, I will blow his head off.”

I’m off to drink whiskey and not change my underwear.


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I might just have a whiskey here, too, after that marathon photo sending session. Bought last night near Esther’s in Frome – passed over the Jameson for a bottle of £6.99 co-op brand “Irish Whiskey”. Because I’m classy like that. Slainte.

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