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The silent (not snoring) ten percent by nicholaswalton
January 24, 2011, 10:19
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A quick one this, to get things moving again.

I was just listening to Radio 4’s ‘More or Less’ programme from the cusp of the new year. Each guest came up with an emblematic number from 2010.

Michael Blastland’s number was 30%. After considering David Cameron’s calls for measuring happiness rather than simply economic output, he pointed out that 30% of British people suffer from insomnia. 10% suffer from it to the extent that it has a real impact on their waking lives.

Last night I sat in bed next to Mrs Monkeysized and read. The light went off and my brain lit up like a light bulb. My legs filled with mild pins and needles. I felt too hot, then too cold. I left my bed and sat on the sofa reading about the unravelling of the Roman Empire.

Then, after Valens lost at Adrianople, I went back to bed. Several hours later I was still awake.

I’m now sat in work and trying to kick start my brain. Life for this blighted 10% is about more than economics and GDP figures.


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