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Humbleness of status on earth challenged by monkeysized
March 10, 2010, 11:05
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I posted a video of an eclipse yesterday that I suggested was a reminder of our humble, perhaps monkeysized, status on earth.

How humble some of us over-evolved apes are was rudely challenged today by the sainted Sir Bob Geldorf, as he attacked a recent radio programme that dared to suggest that some aid money back in the days where he swore on TV without being called ‘Sir’ was diverted by the rebels in the Horn of Africa. Here’s a chunk:

And how arrogant you are, how self-important, that you should deign to lecture on the implied assumption that you, and by extension all journalists – and specifically in this case the BBC World Service – are above the criticism that you are so busily wagging your finger at me for, and which I (clearly getting above my station) have last weekend meted out to your incompetent mate and his associates at the Beeb. Get it straight, pal – you are not. Either as individuals or organisations. It’s about time a little humility was allowed into your closed self-regarding little media world. But like the bankers and the MPs these days, you lot just don’t get it, do you?

The sadness of the situation is that anybody who knows anything about aid money – whether development or emergency aid – knows that a good deal of the money fails to make it to purely good ends. Famine relief is often used (and certainly was in this case) to shift populations around in ways that benefit governments and armed groups. Much gets lost through corruption and theft, especially when the agents that one must deal with are armed insurgent groups. These are just two examples – and ones that everyone in that sector must recognise.

The idea that this bullying buffoon doesn’t recognise that this may have happened in the case of the money he helped raise is absurd. It can only be due to his preposterously high opinion of himself, his insulation from critical views in the type of echo chamber that celebrities tend to inhabit, and from an over-wrought sense of self righteousness.

Bob has lost connection with common sense and proportion. He needs a good dose of monkeysizing.

Lumps of rock by monkeysized
March 9, 2010, 17:31
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Here’s a good reminder of our humble status on earth.

Quite extraordinary, including the way the presenter seems to retain his smile even when talking. Remarkable.